Where To Buy

Are you ready to take the plunge? Here are my favorite places to buy what I need to maintain an organic, whole foods lifestyle!
  • Giant- There is a phenomenal amount of organic products here. But please be wary! Just because it is in the organic aisle DOES NOT mean it is truly healthy. You still need to be vigilant, read ingredients, labels and still avoid as much process food as possible. 
  • Sonnewald Natural Foods- If Giant doesn't have it, Sonnewald usually does! Their prices are a little higher but their produce is mostly local and very fresh. They also have a wonderful bulk room for seeds, nuts, and grains. I typically buy produce I can't find at Giant here as well as organic popcorn for air popping or stove top popping, organic sour cream, gum, local honey, eggs...who knows what else, I just know I end up walking out with more than I go in for :)
  • Markets at Shrewsbury- You can get many different kinds of meats and produce here as well as flours and grains but PLEASE talk to the vendors, just because it comes from an Amish farm does not make it the kind of food I will eat. You need to ask about grass/grain fed, pesticides, free range, etc.
  • Perrydell Dairy Farm- Great place to purchase milk, ice cream and butter. No, it is not certified organic but the cows are not given any hormones and are treated well. I also love being able to support a local farm. They also only use evaporated cane sugar in their ice cream, so while it is still sugar and you should take it easy, it is great for a treat and not the refined white sugar. This is also a fun place to take kids in the summer as you can help feed the calves, tour the farm and go through their small (free) corn maze.
  • Sweet Creek Herbs- There are thousands of chemicals present in our everyday beauty products. The products by Sweet Creek Herbs and made from scratch and without any chemicals. Try bar soaps for shampoo and shaving!
  • Vitacost.com - This is a great online store for vitamins, flours, feminine care products, etc. Always free shipping for $40 or more order, but they also often have shipping deals on lower amounts. If you sign up using my referral link we each get $10 off! https://www.vitacostrewards.com/8vPcn3u
  • Tropical Traditions- This is an awesome resource for all things coconut! Flour, oil (buy expeller pressed if you don't want the flavor but still want the health benefits), palm oil, frozen turkey and other meats, produce, etc. They also have a site with free recipes that are awesome, and many of which are gluten free.
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