Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Parmesan Crusted Salmon

Salmon is one of my favorite dishes that I don't eat nearly enough. Ever since learning about most restaurant salmon (It is more than likely farmed under conditions that are horrific- water filled with overcrowding, anti-biotics and fed GMO corn. The worst are when chickens are actually kept on wire cages above the water and the fish eat their...yeah, I think you know what I mean. And if you are what you eat, and the salmon eat that, and you eat the salmon...wow.) 

So needless to say I stopped eating salmon from all chain restaurants (and when I asked if the salmon was farmed or wild caught, the server always said "farmed" like it was a good thing!). I do buy wild caught salmon from Rt 30 Seafood (they are also a great place to get shrimp- another food I will not eat at chain restaurants). My daughter Leah and I typically split a 1/2 lb fillet that is usually grilled with some olive oil and spices. 

Tonight I felt like something a little different and have had the pleasure of having some wonderful pecan crusted salmon at The Warehouse Gourmet which inspired me to go on a search and I found this recipe with some of my own alterations for the one fillet and some other flavors. It turned out amazing, Leah and I both loved it and can't wait to have it again! Even if you don't typically like salmon, give it a try!

1 salmon fillet (around 1/2 lb)
2 T mayonnaise (on my list to make my own but haven't done that yet so try to get an organic variety made with cage-free eggs)
1/3 cup parmesan cheese (I prefer Organic Valley)
dash garlic and onion powder
pinch dried chives
dash dried parsley
fresh ground black pepper and pinch of salt

Preheat oven to 375. Place salmon on foil greased with olive oil (I use the spray bottle from Pampered Chef- use less oil without the horrific chemicals and additives from commercial oil sprays). Mix together all ingredients (minus the salmon, of course!) and place on top of salmon. Bake until topping is lightly browned (it was about 20 minutes but the oven was only at 350 at first because I was also baking something else at the same time :)

I had some leftover frozen sweet potato casserole from Thanksgiving (it freezes awesome- just freeze before baking) and it was the perfect complement!


  1. That looks delicioussss!!!!!! And clearly good for you too - this is getting added to my recipe book!

    1. It is! And so easy, totally takes all of a minutes to whip up the ingredients and spread on the salmon :)

    2. update: I made this for dinner last night - DELICIOUS.

    3. So glad you liked it! I made it again as well...and now I'm out of salmon! My daughter and I decided we can definitely eat it at least once a week :)

  2. I loveeee salmon! Eric makes it all the time. I'm pinning this to remember to make it! (:


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