Wednesday, December 26, 2012

First WIAW

Well, here's my first WIAW (What I Ate Wednesday courtesy of Peas and Crayons) post. I make no promises that I will be able to post every week, but wanted a chance to show you some more "normal" or everyday kind of foods. This time we'll start with a normal day's meals. It is very easy to stick to this breakfast/lunch routine during the work week but much harder on weekends and days off. I have to admit though that I don't get bored with it and greatly miss it and ready to return to it once the weekend is over. I'm trying better to stick to this routine over the Christmas break and so far feel better because of it.

Breakfast- Green Monster (or smoothie) This recipe is slightly different than my original.

1 banana
1/2 c blueberries
3 ice cubes
1-2 T each flax, chia and hemp seeds
spinach (as much as I can cram into my magic bullet!)
1/2-1 c cold water or coconut water with aloe

Blend until smooth and enjoy! I recently bought a Glass Dharma straw and will never go back to plastic again (this picture was taken before I bought the straw)! And to clean, just use a skewer, no need to buy a fancy brush :)

Lunch- This is my typical lunch. I loathe packing my lunch nightly, mostly because I often forget to :(  My method of solving that problem is to pack most of it at once and take to school Monday. The only item I bring daily is my salad and so far I've done well with remembering it since it is right next to my water bottle in the fridge (which by the way is also glass, and I enjoy the taste much better than any plastic or stainless steel water bottle). I have to give credit to Lauren of Say What You Need to Say. Ever since starting to read her blog over a year ago and seeing all of her salads she eats daily, I knew I should be getting more green ruffage in my diet. Thanks, Lauren! I'll never go back!

 I'll take 5 hard-boiled eggs, 5 coconut muffins, and 5 apples on Monday in my lunch bag. I have found the easiest way to make and peel the eggs (especially since mine are farm fresh) is to bring to a boil, cover and remove from heat for 15 minutes. Then cool completely by draining hot water and adding ice cubes and cold water. Then break first on the large end and peel. I have tried many other methods and this one is best! And if you don't have time to peel right away, store in fridge to peel at your leisure and they will be easier than peeling while still warm.

 I keep a bottle of my favorite dressing in the fridge at school so I don't have to worry about packing that either. Trust me, this is the best dressing ever, and SUPER healthy!

I typically have the salad, fork and knife in this glass container from Pampered Chef. (Are you seeing a theme with the glass? Trying to slowly switch over to more glass, since even BPA-free plastic has bad chemicals in it!) We recently bought some super cute dishware I was hoping to showcase as well, but my salad got a little big. That's the great thing about eating veggies, once you start you usually want more!

The salad is simple, but I love it:
organic baby romaine
organic carrot chips
organic red onion
1 hard-boiled egg

The only negative I have found to eating a salad for lunch is that it takes longer to eat and is harder to work and eat at the same time (both a blessing and a curse).

I'll leave supper for another WIAW :)


  1. That's such a good idea to pack everything for monday! Saves time throughout the week and then you can't forget!

    1. Absolutely! Before I loathed packing my lunch each night or morning, now I only have to loath it Sunday nights :)

  2. Aww so glad you found inspiration from my greens. :) Hope you had a wonderful holiday!


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