Thursday, November 29, 2012


Somehow I feel like little kid that can't wait til Christmas, only I can't wait until Saturday! I have a few main bloggers whom I greatly admire and follow, and this weekend I get to meet one of them! Lauren is from Say What You Need to Say and you might have seen her lately on some local news channels giving Thanksgiving dinner tips! I had the pleasure of guest blogging for her this summer. She has been organizing blogger meet ups, where local bloggers get together, enjoy some good food at a local restaurant and share tips, stories and friendship. I was unable to attend the last one but am excited to go to Tomato Pie this Saturday to meet her along with other local bloggers (and also sample some new cuisine).

She asked us to bring business/contact cards to pass out and if we wanted, a small sample of a specialty from our blog. So of course I am now freaking out. I do not (nor have I even thought about making) business/contact cards. I really would love to have a logo for the blog and thankfully I have a daughter is a talented graphic designer (see here for her winning t-shirt design). I'm hoping she'll have some time to help me come up with something before Saturday!

The other item I can take care of, a sample of something from my blog. I wanted something that might include a unique ingredient and yet something that most people would enjoy. I settled on some cinnamon "roasted" almonds and decided to make some walnuts for the first time as well. My house smells delicious right now! Looking forward to bagging these up in some cute penguin bags for the ladies.

I'm hoping I don't forget to take pictures so I can post a follow-up. I'm also a little nervous, as much as I always long to make new friends, it is definitely a step out of my comfort zone (I am a strong introvert).

Any suggestions on a logo for my blog?

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Umm, Yeah, Not So Much...

*Disclaimer- In no way is this post meant to dissuade you from ever trying or making kale chips. All opinions stated are the opinion of the author :)

Well, just so you all know that I don't always love every recipe I try, here's one: kale chips. It saddens me that I don't like them since I have read so many benefits of kale and seen many recipes on pinterest. When my next door neighbor (and running partner) asked if I wanted some, I jumped at the chance! The kale was absolutely beautiful and I couldn't wait to try it!

 I used this recipe (very simple and easy to follow) and this is how they turned out:

I think as far as what kale chips are supposed to be like, they were it. Light, crunchy, slightly salty...but I don't like them. The texture is a little weird and the taste is a little weird. And for me, two weirds just make a wrong! I can handle one chip but more than that...ugh. I wish I liked them. Will I try them again? Yes. Will I make as big of a batch- no, haha! But perhaps some other seasonings would help.

Have you ever made/eaten kale chips? What did you think? Any suggestions for the next time?
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