Saturday, November 6, 2010

Six-Seed Soda Bread (don't worry- no soft drinks here!)

Wow! I found and AWESOME bread recipe at a new-to-me blog, 101 Cookbooks. I love seeds and the prospect of a non-rising bread with lots of them intrigued me! I am not going to repost the recipe here, because I only made a few changes. I did not have spelt flour (thought I did, but I guess that was one of the few odd types that I haven't bought yet) so I use some organic whole wheat sprouted flour. Sprouted flour is thought to be more nutritious and is in the Ezekiel brand bread products. I bought mine at Sonnewald Natural Foods. I also did not have pumpkin or sesame seeds so I just used more of each of the other kinds. For buttermilk I made my own with low fat milk and lemon juice. This was also my first time using fennel seeds in a recipe, and I could definitely taste their flavor and while not totally objectionable, I would personally leave them out next time. I love that this bread is fast and got done a few minutes ahead of schedule. I'll be honest, I ate two pieces and could have easily eaten more! I will be looking to try other variations on this bread as well, since the abundance of seeds scared some members of the family away from even trying it! Oh well, more for me!

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