Wednesday, April 2, 2014

They're Coming! {Garden Update}

You may recall that I took a leap of faith and planted my raised bed garden 2 weekends ago, covered with plastic and hoped for the best. It was definitely good that I covered because we got one more snow/ice storm March 30, one week after planting.

Thankfully this week has been much nicer. I was able to open up the bed last night, and saw some plants starting! I gave them some water and left the bed open so some light rain this morning and sunshine this afternoon could work their magic. When I got home tonight, here's what I found!

Peas, they got knocked around a bit by one dog, that shall remain nameless, that decided to run through the bed yesterday! Thus the reason why they are closer to the surface! Not to worry, pushed them back down in the soil!

Somebody thought the plastic covering was the best place to chew on his football!

I plan on covering the bed back up since we are supposed to have some strong rains tomorrow and I don't want everything to wash away. How are you making out so far this year? Have you started any seeds inside? That is next on my list!

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