Monday, July 12, 2010

Chicken, Chocolate and the Sugar Lobby

When you purchase chicken, you trust that you are paying for the weight of the bird, but would you be surprised that you are also paying for salt water? Many companies inject saltwater into the bird to "plump" it and increase its weight. Read more here and sign a petition here. Just another reason to buy local and all natural!
How much is chocolate worth? If you're like me, a lot! But I have to admit I have eaten almost NO chocolate in the last 4 weeks except for some organic semi-sweet mini chocolate chips (mostly b/c I am cutting out processed sugars). Here is another reason not to. Be sure to purchase fair trade chocolate to help protect workers in other countries. Sign a petition here. Remember, if it is cheap for you to buy, someone, somewhere, is paying the price!
The Fed Up with School Lunch Blog is one of my favorites. This post will educate you on the enormous amount of sugar in our daily foods and what the sugar lobby has done to keep us in the dark regarding amounts as well as silencing the USDA in regards to guidelines on how much sugar to eat in a day.

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