Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Garden Update

*Disclaimer* The first part of this post is from 2 weeks ago- I haven't had much chance to blog!

Wow, what a difference 2 weeks makes! Most of my babies have outgrown their eggshells and were upgraded this week to larger pots. I have also moved them to the garage in front of a window so they can get used to variable temperatures (although the last few days have been exceptionally warm here, but perfect for garden work!). I still have one egg carton left inside. Some of them are soon ready to move, while others (aka peppers) have yet to make an appearance! Last year they were stubborn and seemed to take forever to sprout, grow, and produce although we did pick 4 or 5 peppers from them.

I have spent the last 48 hours weeding all of my beds and ended up with a truck-load- literally! I filled the back of my husband's pick-up with them! It is amazing how quickly they will grow (especially some type of wild mum and nettle that take over our back bed). I also now have some stained nails and hands but it is worth it, and I have had more energy the last 2 days and I think it is simply because of playing in the dirt!

Still waiting to have my raised bed repaired before I can actually put any plants in. I also need to beef up the soil. I plan to mix in some of the organic soil from Sonnewald and also dig up some worms in other parts to add to it. Also still waiting for permission for a compost bin and rain barrels...

Here's how the babies look now:

And, because I have not had time to blog, here's what they look like now, with another flat of additions:

And quite honestly they are bigger yet since taking these pics! I had about 10 seeds not do anything from the first batch so I replanted new seeds and started an egg carton of marigolds and one of sunflowers. They are doing well also. I can't wait to actually get them in the garden!

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