Sunday, February 6, 2011


So, I realized I have not made homemade pizza in a while, and it was time :)
A few years ago my sister April made homemade dough for us, and this is the recipe she used. The only changes I made were to use King Arthur's organic bread flour and Hodgson's Mill yeast which is meant to help whole wheat flour rise, and I have had great success with it! I did not have the time to let it have the second rise, it did have a good 45 minutes and looked like this:
Then I punched it down and recovered it and let it rise while I was cutting up the veggies, maybe another 10 minutes, and that worked just fine.

I don't have a round pizza pan so we had to go with a rectangle. I used Nature's Promise Garden Veggie sauce, mozarella and a little colby cheese, purple onions, green peppers and mushrooms (all organic) as well as garlic and onion powder and parsley and oregano on top. Very yummy!

Of course on the page I had printed it did not have the oven temperature or cooking time, so I went for 400 for about 20 minutes, only to find now it was supposed to be 450 for 15. Oh well. The middle of the crust wasn't quite as hard as I would have liked, but the proper baking time/temp will probably fix that!

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