Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Processed People Review

This post is long overdue. When my sister, April, was home in January, she brought along the movie Processed People for us to watch. Here is my compilation of the key points:
  • We are undernourished and overfed
  • We consume calorie dense foods, move less, and eat more
  • We are food addicts of unhealthy foods- our bodies crave more food in order to get sufficient nutrients which causes us to overeat even more
  • We eat (and our bodies look) like royalty of old
  • Families feed their kids on an almost daily basis w/ eating out when we used to do it on rare occasions for a treat
  •  We have a toxic hunger
  • Junk food is cheaper due to gov’t subsidies
  • We don’t even think about what we eat
  • By 40 most Americans have some form of heart disease
  • Health is not the opposite of disease- it is our normal state
  • Health is the presence of well-being
  • In 1900 2% of Americans died of heart disease now 51%
  • In the last 15 years of life are we healthy? We are not meant to get worse and worse until we die
  • How much do you suffer?
  • Health= engaging in life fully until you die
  • We currently have a sick care, not health care system
  • True prevention is not a part of the health care system b/c our current system is based on profit and there is no profit if no one is getting sick
  • Financial incentive is towards sickness, not in educating the public to take control of their health
  • You have to earn good health
  • "Health care" is selling disease
  • Medicology- belief that our “savior” is our doctor or pharmacy, etc.
  • Ned to give the knowledge needed to take care of themselves
  • Get back to the basics of what makes a healthy life
  • Stop popping pills
  • You are what you eat
  • Humans thrive on plant based diet
  • We should live on a mostly plant based diet
  • You can control your health destiny
  • Do we need to eat animal products?
  • Move baby move- Exercise crucial for health
  • A healthy diet changes everything- brain chemistry, how we metabolize food, a sedentary lifestyle is not natural
  • Sufficient rest/sleep needed
  • Exercise: 30-60 min per day but 2 hrs best due to pple eating so much more and the need to offset it
  • Sunshine needed
  • Skin cancer also caused by low level of nutrients in diet
  • Being physical is good for immune system, helps brain, heart
  • It doesn’t have to be “exercise”
  • What’s a processed person?
  • We have bought into media hype- processing starts at birth w/ formula to baby food to fast food, processed through the whole system, taught to eat things that are not really food
  • Eat food, don’t eat food-like things
  • We are processed b/c we let them process us
  • De-processed people
    • Change of diet and no pills needed, rapid changes
    • Stopped multiple sclerosis
  • Makng the change always works
  • What if we don’t change?
  • Diabetes
  • We don’t get paid for prevention
  • Doctors should be teachers rather than heroes
  • Our diet is related to a lot of things that cannot be changed very easily
  • This planet cannot support a largely animal based diet
  • Feds subsidize meat but not fruits and veggies
  • Eating more isn’t better- we need to eat enough (kids know this, adults don’t)
  • Nobody is healthier b/c of eating animal products
  • Inspire and pay doctors to keep people healthy in order to fix health care system
  • It is not inevitable to get fatter and sicker as you get older, it is b/c of diet
I hope you can understand my random notes, if you have any questions or comments, I'd love to hear them!

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