Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Baked Macaroni and Cheese {Gluten-Free}

I adore visiting the local farmer's market and perusing the many local and often organic stands. You still have to ask questions as not every stand is sustainable/local/etc but many of them are. This last time I enjoyed a juice and lunch at Under One Sun with my sis. It is an awesome place to try a new juice combination or smoothie.

 This was my first time eating a meal there and it was delicious! I got the pesto chicken wrap (on a gluten brown rice wrap).

And my sis got a quesadilla.

There was one new stand this time, small and simple selling Pappardelle's Pasta. My purchase of a half pound bag of the Gluten Free Garlic Chive Rooster Comb noodles was a little bit of an impulse buy since I really didn't know the philosophy of the company and that is very important to me. The ingredient list was pretty safe (although not organic). After reading through their story on their web site I have no problem backing this company.

This mac and cheese recipe is based on this one found on their site but with some of my own alterations. When I tried one after boiling I wasn't impressed but knew it had to bake for a while and was hoping that would help the texture, in particular. It did! My daughter and I both enjoyed a large helping with some steamed broccoli. This recipe easily makes 6 servings as we have enough left over for one more meal for us to share and I was able to freeze 2 servings for my dad to try. It had a very alfredo-like taste although a little different. And as always, try to make as many ingredients local and/or organic if possible!

Baked Macaroni and Cheese

1/2 lb bag of  Pappardelle’s Gluten-Free Garlic Chive Rooster Combs
pinch of Real salt
2 c milk
3 T butter
1/4 c Bob's Red Mill gluten-free all-purpose flour
10 oz sharp cheddar cheese shredded or cut into cubes (save a little shredded for the top)
handful of Parmesan cheese
slice or 2 of provolone cheese (I prefer Applegate Farms)
fresh ground pepper (to taste)
a protein such as lobster/crab meat, grilled chicken, steamed shrimp (add when cheese is added to milk mixture)
steamed veggies to mix in (broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, etc)
Old Bay seasoning (to taste)

Cook noodles in large pot of boiling water (with the pinch of salt) until cooked but still firm and drain (will take about 15 minutes).

While noodles are boiling, heat milk in small pan on low heat (do not boil).

In large saucepan melt butter. Add flour and whisk for 2 minutes, then add milk while whisking and whisk for another 2 minutes on low heat. Preheat oven to 375.

Remove from heat and add cheeses and pepper and stir to help cheeses melt (it is ok if the cheeses are not completely melted).

Spray a glass baking dish (I used a large glass container from Pampered Chef so I would have a lid for storing leftovers) with olive oil. Layer, alternating noodles and cheese, ending with the cheese sauce. 

It will seem like there is too much liquid ( I know I thought there would be) but it will cook into the pasta.

Cover with foil and bake 30 minutes. Remove foil, add a handful of shredded cheese and return to turned-off oven (uncovered). Serve once the cheese has melted.

I liked a dash of Old Bay on mine :)

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