Sunday, June 27, 2010

Fish Sticks

So, in my quest to cut out processed foods, I had one holdout- fish sticks. They were the one processed food I had kept buying even when I knew I should stop. I was fully afraid of making these for my family. Thankfully, they turned out great! I used panko for the coating, although I would prefer whole wheat panko but have been unable to find it yet (please let me know if you ever see it for sale!). I also wanted to avoid frying of any kind, even though when I would make fried shrimp or onion rings, there was as little oil as possible used. I am going to try the "flash fry" method used for the fish with my shrimp and onion rings to help cut out even more fat/calories. I used haddock this time. Sonnewald's had a piece in the frozen section of wild caught haddock that was just the right amount for 4 people and it defrosted in less than a day in the fridge. Feel free to adjust the seasonings to your taste. I am also estimating the amounts as I didn't measure...I'm a dumper :)

1 large filet of tilapia or haddock
1 c whole wheat flour
3 egg whites
1-2 c panko (preferably whole wheat) or whole wheat bread crumbs
approx 1/2 T Old Bay
approx 1/2 T parsley
approx 1/4 T each onion/garlic powder
cooking spray (I used Pam Olive Oil but would like to get my own spritzer for olive oil)

Cover baking sheet with foil and place wire cooling rack on sheet (make sure it is oven-proof!). Cut fish into chunks (I didn't go too small this time just to make sure they didn't fall apart). Put flour and egg whites in their own bowls. Combine panko and seasonings in bowl. Lightly dip fish in flour, then egg whites, then panko mixture and place on rack. Spray generously with cooking spray, turn over carefully and spray again. Place in 450 degree oven for about 10-15 minutes until browning at the edges. Enjoy!

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