Sunday, June 27, 2010


So, you may wonder where you can go to find high quality, nutrient-dense foods. If you want real all natural chicken, you can order them from Sensenig's Meats and they will cut them for you in the traditional 8 piece chicken style. They have whole, frozen ones available anytime. Also, just today I saw a booth at the Markets at Shrewsbury that also has all natural chickens. I did not buy any of those since I have 2 on order from Sensenig's, but there was another booth with all natural beef and pork. I bought a small sampling of a variety of products to try. Sensenig's does have all natural beef but you have to buy large quantities. I'm waiting for a call back to find out if they will allow me to purchase smaller amounts.

What are the keys to look for? If you are unsure about any meat, ask if the animals are corn fed. You DO NOT want to purchase ANY beef from corn fed cattle. You want to look for "grass fed" as well as no hormones, no antibiotics and free range. You also want to look for "non genetically modified."

Markets at Shrewsbury  
What to buy organic? Cheat Sheet- Use this to help you decide which foods to buy organic. In order to save money, not all foods have to be organic but try to purchase locally if at all possible.


  1. Thanks for these links, Laura. It gives me a starting place.

  2. I just realized that my husband and nephew ate pit Turkey from the Sensenigs booth at Codorus blast last night. They LOVED it!!! I wish I would have tried a piece!


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