Thursday, March 8, 2012

Popcorn, My Favorite Snack

If you've read my fried chicken post, then you know that coconut oil is my favorite oil. Here is what my favorite snack is right now: popcorn! And it’s super easy to make! I don't even crave it when I go to the movies now, because I know I can make my own at home afterwards (and I'll feel SOOO much better afterwards!)

Popcorn (feeds 2-3, more if you don't love popcorn as much as I do :)
1/3 c organic corn kernels
2 T coconut oil (I use extra virgin, the coconut taste adds a lot without really tasting like coconut at all)
sea salt
medium sized pot with lid

OR if you want to make just a bit more :)

1/2 c organic corn kernels
2 T coconut oil
sea salt
large pot with lid

Melt oil on high heat, add corn, reduce heat a bit and cover. Shake occasionally. You will hear (and smell) the popcorn pop within a few minutes. Shake pot as it pops. When popping slows, check inside and see how it's doing, and perhaps reduce heat a bit more so you don't burn the corn or remove from heat and let a few more pops happen. Dump into lage bowl (you don't really want to eat it out of a hot pot) and add desired amount of salt, toss, and enjoy! Now really, this is not much harder at all than putting a bag in the microwave, and then you don't have all the nasty things happening to your food, as documented in this article! I won't go into it now, but PLEASE reduce the amount of foods you eat that are microwaved!

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